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Well, why not?

Women have their day. Men have theirs too, now, apparently. And we non-binary folk are still left in the dust.

It’s not asking for much. It’s asking for a day once a year that focuses on non-binary folks, our contributions to the world, and our issues, without lumping us in with men or women. I’m so tired of things being applied to me because I have a uterus, all in the name of sisterhood. Isn’t feminism supposed to be stopping the reduction of women to their uteri?

Apparently not when it comes to non-binary folk.

One day. That’s all I want. How about July 14th? It’s precisely in the middle between International Men’s Day and International Women’s day. It’s a nice month. Numerologically it’s a 3, which is an appropriate number, I think, for us non-binary folk.

International Non-Binary Gender Day, July 14th.

There. Called for. Declared.

Who’s with me?