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It’s May 2nd and today in Canada we are having a Federal Election.

This is a big frakking deal, because it’s a chance to stop a Conservative majority and oust Harper.

I’m not going to lie, here, I’m not supportive of the Conservatives and especially not Harper (I know, you’re so surprised, aren’t you?). Not with the stuff he’s done and said. So far as I’m concerned he’s ruining the Canada I know and love (and what’s even scarier is that there are Conservatives in the party who make him look like a moderate) — which, ok, that Canada was over 10 years ago, before I moved to the States for half my life, but still.

Now, get right down to it and I’m not a fan of the NDP or the Liberals either. The NDP as a party I don’t mind so much (they’re pretty good with education, which is my main concern), and our incumbent MP Jean Crowder is actually really good for the Nanaimo-Cowichan district, but Jack Layton just comes across as skeezy to me. The Liberals I’m really not fond of, because they’re extremely Torontocentric and tend to forget about us in B.C.

Oh, wait. I can say that about almost every party.

There are other parties I’d like to vote for, but either they have a failing I just can’t deal with (Green’s lack of stance on education — ie, what’s a budget?) or they never run candidates in my riding (First People’s National Party and the BC Sex Party, for example).

What’s a genderqueer femme to do? Even with all my indecision on which parties to vote for, I know I don’t want to vote Conservative and I definitely want to do everything in my power to get Harper out of office. I believe in democracy and I will not spend an election not voting just because it’s a hard decision to make.

Someone on Facebook linked to Project Democracy’s Amp Your Vote website and it helped me make a decision. Project Democracy tells you which candidate in your riding is most likely to help stop a Harper/Conservative majority, so you can amp your vote to get Harper out of office. For my riding, our incumbent Jean Crowder of the NDP was listed. Well, ok. She’s good for our riding anyway, and there’s the added bonus of a chance to oust Harper.

So I went to the polls for advance voting over a week ago and cast my ballot for Crowder. Today in the Sea to Sky riding my mom is casting her ballot for the Liberal candidate, because that’s who’s most likely to stop a Con majority. She usually votes Green, but she’s biting the bullet to stop Harper.

Now, obviously, this post is here to encourage you to vote. Whether or not you’re against Harper — hells, I can’t stand the guy, but I still think you should go out and vote even if you support the dude. Especially if you’re young — vote mobs aren’t enough, I know, the parties actually need to, I don’t know, care that we exist as people, but vote mobs are important regardless, no matter what some disgruntled neo-Con at the Ottawa Citizen has to say — but vote anyway.

You live in a democratic society, and voting is a part of that. So is dissent, and writing blogs, and marching in the streets, and talking to your EOs or the media — so many things out there that you can do to play your part. Voting is the easiest by far. (Especially here in Canada; you can register at the polls. The US does not have it so lucky, believe me.) And if you’re part of a group that didn’t always have the right to vote (which is pretty much everybody, except white Englishmen), who gained it recently because your ancestors fought for that right…well. I’m not trying to guilt trip here, but I do think that it is honoring their fight to cast your ballot today.

I hope I’ve convinced you. If you need to know where to go to cast your ballot today or any other details, the website of Elections Canada has all the information you need.

And don’t forget — if you’re just as confused as I was with regards to what candidate to choose, and you know you don’t want more of the same, just remember your ABCs!




-The Fierce Femme